Welcome, weary internet traveler. Pull up a chair. No, not that one, the dog got a little sick on … ah, well. Compliments the horse hair rather nicely, don’t you think? Just move the carrots over there.

Anyways. Now that you’ve strayed into the Romulan Star Empire (a navigational error, I’m sure. We get those a lot), I’m hoping you found something interesting in our database. It’s a bit of a random collection to be sure, but we try to keep it interesting. Planetary exploration, politics (we love those), pets large and small, and of course every Romulan’s favorite subject to kvetch about: family. Do feel free to exercise your Right of Statement on any content you explore- don’t worry, subsequent execution is optional. As a matter of fact, these days we tend to just offer Romulan Ale to State Criminals. The subsequent hangovers are amazingly effective punishment.

If you’d like to know a bit about this Warbird’s Commander, there’s a brief introduction here.

Thank you for stopping by and Wind to your Wings!

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